Narratage: Movie Trailer Translation

Jun. 21st, 2017 02:17 am
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Here is my translation of the latest "Narratage" movie trailer (running time: 1:30).

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Here's something longer as promised. From the time Yamapi guested on Oshareism to promote Boku, Unmei no Hito desu. With stories about Johnny's talents featuring Tackey, Kame, Toma, and Okada-kun. Yay.

- Tackey to Yamapi


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Here's a super short cut I did to get myself in the mood for subbing again, lol. I feel like I've been on sub-hiatus for far too long, haha. Especially since now I don't have classes XD


Arashi Translations: Index Post

Jun. 21st, 2017 07:08 am
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Since the number of Arashi-related transcripts, particularly the VSA OPT translations, are increasing, I thought it be handy to have an index post for the sake of organization and easy navigation. I have also reedited the posting dates of older VSA episodes, following the order of their respective airing dates.

VS Arashi Opening Talk Translation

2 0 1 7
January: soon
2nd - soon
9th - soon
16th - soon
23rd - "Blunders During Overseas Trips"
2nd - "Memories of Getting Scolded"
9th - "Gourmet Talk: All-You-Can-Eat"
16th - "Memories of Graduation Ceremonies" + Extra Talk!
23rd - "Guessing Arashi Team's Total Score for the Whole Fiscal Year;
Who is the Most Impressive Guest for the Past Fiscal Year?"

30th - No VSA
6th - No VSA
13th - skipped because there was no OPT much
20th - "What is Your Favorite Ramen Flavor"
27th - "How is Aiba Doing With His Getsu9 Drama?"
4th - "What Anime Programs Did You Like When You Were Small?"
11th: "Ninomiya Information: Message From Cameraman Mimura" + Extra Talk!
18th: "Have You Lined Up For Something Recently?"
25th: "Do You Have Umbrellas and Rain Gear?"
1st: "Any Thoughts Related to Photography"
8th: "Members Helping Each Other Out"
15th: "Nino's Birthday"

"Shinobi no Kuni" Movie Trailer Translation
Trailer One
Trailer Two

"Narratage" Movie Trailer Translation
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Here is my translation of VS嵐2017年3月16日 OPT plus Extra Talk:

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Here is my translation of VS嵐2017年3月23日 OPT:
Note: I'm skipping 2017年4月13日 because Aiba was absent (filming his drama) and so the four did not do OPT much. There were no VSA on 2017年4月06日 and 2017年3月20日 either.
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Here is my translation of VS嵐2017年4月20日 OPT:

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Here is my translation of VS嵐2017年6月15日 OPT:

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KodoGuru S6 Ep8: Drama Notes

Jun. 12th, 2017 12:29 am
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Ep. 8: "Stir Fry Lamb with Leeks and Spareribs of Okachimachi, Taito Ward, Tokyo"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka) was visiting the jewelry district of Okachimachi. Takeuchi (Okada Koki), president of a jewelry and gem-processing store, asked Goro to handle the interior decoration of their first product exhibition at a department store. Goro admired Takeuchi's work philosophy of infusing their thoughts into their jewelry. After the meeting, Goro suddenly got hungry, and started searching for a shop. After a bit of searching, the character of "sheep" caught his eye. Fascinated by the shop's name, "Yangshang Ajibo," he believed his intuition and went inside the shop. The menu was full of the character for "sheep". He assembled his order, with much planning and thought. He ordered lamb meat stir-fry, lamb shumai, lamp soup, plus different condiment sauces, making up a superb "Lamb Meat Festival"...

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Here is my translation of VS嵐2017年4月27日 OPT:

It's getting harder and harder to find older episodes on streaming sites (where I get pix like the above). Pix are getting worse too (less and less pixels), so sorry about that.

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